In what was one of the most memorable games in World Series history, the Chicago Cubs beat
the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in 10 innings of Game 7. (Photo courtesy of Arturo Pardavila)

Even before it all began, you had a feeling the 2016 World Series had the makings to be something very special. Here were two great teams so equally matched, and on top of it all, they had the longest current streaks without winning a world series. How fitting was it that a team that hadn’t won in a 108 years would end up playing a team which hadn’t won in 68 years? Talk about having the right kind of motivation…I doubt no other two teams in the long history of the world series have ever been so motivated to win and bring home a championship as the Cubs and Indians were this year.

Being neither a fan of the Cubs or Indians, my reasoning to cheer for the Cubs had mostly to do with just how ridiculously long it had been since they last won a world series. Although I have much respect and appreciation for Cleveland and the way they play the game, because it had been so long since the Cubs had won, it was an easy decision for me to cheer for them.

As the series progressed, the combination of incredible baseball on display and the camaraderie both teams showed for each other, this championship became less a heated competition, and more a pure celebration of everything that’s great about the game of baseball. And although I found myself cheering on the Cubs for most of the series, it wasn’t until the very last game when Chicago got off to that early lead that I actually began to pull for the Indians. Cleveland had given everything they had all season long and played a remarkable series, so to see them now losing in the final game of the world series just didn’t seem fair. After Rajai Davis hit that incredible home run off Aroldis Chapman in the 8th inning to tie things up, I was finally able to ease up a little, because at least now with the score tied 6-6, neither of these most deserving of teams could lose.

A few days before the start of the world series, I wrote a piece on why the Cubs deserved to win (link to article). My arguments had mostly to do with how long it had been since they’d last won, and the fact that the City of Cleveland had already won a championship in 2016 with the Cavaliers. But in Game 7 I realized just how much this series meant to both teams, and even considering the Cubs 108 years without a world series compared to the Indians much smaller, yet still considerable 68 year drought, it still doesn’t change the fact that most of the players on both these teams had never even been to the World Series and this may (for all they know) be their best and only shot at winning a championship. Both the Cubs and Indians deserved to win this world series, it’s just unfortunate that when it’s all said and done that only one of them can come out on top. That being said, the Chicago Cubs needed this, and they needed it bad, because no team should ever go so long without winning a championship, and hopefully no team ever has to again.

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