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With lowered expectations in 2018, Toronto’s focus can be directed more towards adding to their already solid farm system.

In two short years, Ross Atkins has taken what was a significantly depleted Blue Jays farm system and built it back up into one that’s now considered to be in the top third of all of baseball and climbing.

With the Blue Jays addressing their off-season needs when it comes to the rotation, utility infielders, and outfield, there’s little reason (at least for the time being) for them to delve into their prospect pool in order to be making any further trades.  2018 can be a year where the above average Blue Jays’ farm system gets even stronger via the MLB draft and International signings.  Not to mention the influx of prospects Toronto could possibly receive if they choose to move some of their pending free agents.

Everyone knows what the Blue Jays chances are heading into the 2018 season.  This isn’t 2015 or 2016…Toronto is a much older team now and the expectations aren’t what they were several years ago.   Not to mention how much better the Yankees and Red Sox have become.  Whatever success the Blue Jays do have beyond what’s to be expected this season will be considered a huge bonus.  With lowered expectations, and given that this club is about to enter a period of considerable transition, the Blue Jays have no reason to part with their top prospects this season.  Whether they win or lose in 2018, the Blue Jays will do so with their current group of players and just keep on adding to their prospect pool.

Back in the mid-90’s when Toronto had Carlos Delgado, Shawn Green, and Shannon Stewart coming up through the ranks, even with such talented young players as them it wasn’t nearly enough to get Toronto back to the post-season.  The situation Toronto’s farm system now finds itself is very similar to what it was in the 90’s.  That is to say 3-4 amazing prospects, but not enough prospect depth beyond those players.  This year provides the Blue Jays with a wonderful opportunity to really stock-up on prospects and improve their farm system to a point where it’s unquestionably one of the best around.

Stockpiling their prospects is what needs to happen in order for Toronto to be in a position to compete with the juggernauts from New York and Boston in the years to come.  While the Yankees and Red Sox continue to trade away their top young talent in an effort to keep one-upping each other to stay atop the AL East, Toronto will be quietly improving their stock of prospects so that their overwhelming youth movement will be what spearheads their return to the post-season in the not so distant future.

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