Justin Smoak looking non too pleased when singer Jocelyn Alice decided to giggle during the singing of Oh Canada at the 2017 MLB All-Star game.

After last years botched rendition of Oh Canada by The Tenors at the MLB All-Star game in San Diego, I was confident there’d be no slip-ups this time around because how on earth could the anthem be screwed up two times in a row?  How wrong I was, as yesterday’s singer, Jocelyn Alice, did not sing the anthem well at all, took far too long to complete it, and even giggled at one point.

Is it really all that difficult to get someone who can actually sing our national anthem without completely embarrassing our country in the process.  In all honesty, if they’re going to choose some awful singer who’s just going to butcher and disrespect the anthem, I’d almost prefer MLB not even bother singing it at the all-star game.

When I hear the anthem sung like that, it doesn’t make me proud, it makes me feel embarrassed.  Not that I spend every waking hour worrying about what Americans think of Canada, but when we do have someone singing Oh Canada in front of hundreds of millions of people, I’d at least want them to do a decent job of it.

As the camera normally does during the singing of Oh Canada at the all-star game, it went around to any player affiliated to our country.  When the camera was on Joey Votto, you could tell he wasn’t impressed one bit.  The camera then went to Justin Smoak, and it was at this moment that Alice giggled.  Smoak, who to that point had been looking towards the flags beyond centerfield shot a look over to Alice at home plate as if to say “please tell me you didn’t just giggle.”  Perhaps it was just nerves on Alice’s part, but whatever her reason for doing what she did, it was nice to see Smoak, a representative of not just the Blue Jays, but Canada as well, react the way he did.

Here’s hoping MLB gets things right next year and brings in someone who can actually do a decent job of singing our national anthem.  Is it really too much to ask?

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