Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson

Last winter, it was the Blue Jays call to bring back Josh Donaldson in this, his last season prior to becoming a free agent.  And now that things have gone completely sideways and it appears they may not be able to even trade him, Rogers owned Sportsnet and the Blue Jays appear to be throwing him under the bus.

Sure, a large part of the Blue Jays future may have hinged on the return they would have received for Donaldson, but it’s not like he planned on getting injured.  Give Donaldson some credit at least.  Despite the chronic issues he’s been having with his calf, he still attempted to comeback this season so that the Blue Jays would at least have a chance of trading him.

If the Blue Jays are upset now because they may end up getting nothing (other than a compensatory pick) for Donaldson, tough luck!  It was their choice to roll the dice when they decided to bring him back for one more kick at the can. Unfortunately, the worst thing that could have happened, did.  What bothers me most about how this Donaldson situation is being treated is that Sportsnet is now trying to make him out to be the bad guy in all this.  Two articles published this week by Sportsnet were negatively titled:

  • Blue Jays’ divorce from Donaldson getting uglier by the minute
  • Report: Blue Jays ‘want Josh Donaldson gone’

Pretty harsh words considering everything the 3-time all-star has done for this ball club.  What Sportsnet got wrong is that there’s nobody to blame for the pickle the Blue Jays now find themselves in other than the person(s) whose decision it was to bring Donaldson back for one more year at a time when his trade value was sky high after having an August/September of 2017 to remember where he hit 22 HR and had a 1.108 OPS.

I feel sorry for Donaldson that he has to endure this kind of shoddy treatment.  It’s almost as if the Rogers/Sportsnet/Blue Jays conglomerate is now taking pot-shots at him because the season didn’t go as planned and they’re about to lose a star player for far less than they should’ve.  What happened with Donaldson is most unfortunate.  A wonderful player has lost almost a full year of his career to injury, and the Blue Jays missed out on what were great opportunities to trade him.  Regardless, blaming Donaldson for this problem is not just petty, it isn’t fair.

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