Blue Jay fans attending a game at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Believe it or not, but this photo is Safeco Field in Seattle, and that sea of blue are fans there to see the Blue Jays.

More so than probably any other team in sports, Blue Jay fans seem to travel the most for the chance to see their team play.  A big part of this is on account of the staggering number of people who cheer for the Blue Jays that live all across Canada.  Many of whom live a considerable distance from Toronto, yet much nearer to cities like Seattle, Minneapolis, or Boston.

For many Blue Jay fans who live on the west coast, making the trip down to Seattle to see Toronto play has become an annual event.  And the same thing goes for many people in central Canada whenever the Blue Jays visit Minnesota, or fans in eastern Canada who travel to places like Boston or Baltimore.  On that note, here are the Top 3 away cities where Blue Jay fans seem to travel to in the greatest numbers and make their presence felt the most.

3) Cleveland

Choosing the 3rd place city wasn’t easy because there were so many places deserving of recognition on this list.  Strong arguments could be made for Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, and Minnesota, but the reason we decided to go with Cleveland is because of two factors in particular.  One is obviously the shear number of fans who travel to Cleveland to cheer on the Blue Jays.  Cleveland averaged 8,000 more fans when the Blue Jays were in town this season compared to their season average. The second reason for choosing Cleveland is the level of enthusiasm shown by Blue Jay fans who completely drown-out the sound of the home crowd.

2) Wrigley Field

Unfortunately the opportunity to watch the Blue Jays play at such a special venue are few and far between.  This past August however, Toronto fans got to enjoy seeing their team at lovely Wrigley Field, and many of them didn’t pass up this rare chance to watch it in person.

The Cubs are going to sellout regardless of whatever team they’re playing, but the fact the series against the Blue Jays sold out faster than any other series at Wrigley this season speaks volumes of the interest generated by visitors from Canada.  Additionally, unlike home fans in other cities who take offense to having such large numbers of outsiders on their home turf, Cubs fans had the decency and common sense to embrace the situation for what it was, nothing more than visiting fans wanting to enjoy baseball in a special ball park.

1) Seattle

If ever Major League Baseball were to wonder whether a big league team could survive in Vancouver, they need not look further than the tens of thousands of Canadians who attend Safeco Field whenever the Blue Jays come to town.  Canadians have been travelling to Seattle for a long time to watch their beloved Blue Jays, but over the past few years it’s morphed into something truly remarkable.

Mariner fans take serious exception to having so many opposing fans at Safeco…which only makes the situation that much more comedic.  The average attendance this season in Seattle is 26,728, but when they host the Blue Jays, their attendance jumps to over 40,000.  An increase of 13,313, and the craziest part of it all is that over 30,000 of those in attendance are there to see the Blue Jays.

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