Since coming back from Triple A Buffalo on May 22, Devon Travis has hit for a very respectable .288 AVG.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much it pains me to see the Blue Jays line-up posted on television before each game and notice that not one single player is hitting above .260.  That feeling is made even worse when Toronto’s playing a team like the Red Sox who just happen to have six starters hitting better than .280.

The fact that AVG’s are down across all of baseball is no excuse for the Blue Jays top hitter (Teoscar Hernandez) to be hitting .259.  That’s not to put down Hernandez, it’s just that Toronto’s best hitter when it comes to AVG should be doing a far cry better than Hernandez’ .259.  We all know hitting is tough.  And with advanced statistics and everything the opposition knows about your hitters these days it makes batting increasingly harder.  That being said, the Blue Jays need to be doing a heck of a lot better than their .238 team AVG.

If Toronto ever wants to compete for the top spot in the AL East in the near future, they’ll have to start improving upon that horrendous team AVG.  For that to happen, probably the most important thing that needs changing is for them to stop swinging for the fence every damn time they come to the plate.  We understand it’s difficult for hitters today what with the shift and all, but going full-out on every swing is hardly the best way to go about beating the shift.

Toronto is obviously not one of the better hitting teams, but they’re still a whole lot better than what they’ve been doing so far this year.  Which is why it’s nice to be seeing some of their better hitters beginning to hit like we know they can.  Devon Travis is certainly no .242 hitter (his current AVG).  Even in today’s changing game, he’s the sort of player that should be hitting at least .280.

With the continued success of some of their better hitters, hopefully come the end of the season players like Travis and Justin Smoak will once again have a respectable AVG.  Thus proving to their teammates that it’s still very much possible to hit for a solid AVG with the right approach at the plate.

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