Blue Jay fans attending a game at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Look at all those Blue Jay fans enjoying some baseball at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Once again, Canadians have come out in droves to see their beloved Blue Jays playing in Seattle…and once again Mariner fans are taking offense.  Seattle seems like a nice enough place, but it’s proving to be a city of complainers.  Funny to think, but there are ‘jerk’ cities, there are ‘tough’ cities, and there are cities known for their complaining.  Of which we now know Seattle is probably one of the biggest of them all.

I used to watch Much Music religiously.  Especially during the summer months when I was out of school and they’d play music videos all day long.  In those days, the early to mid 90’s, grunge music was all the rage.  With bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden all hailing from the Seattle area, that city was the epicentre of this type of music.  As the popularity of it grew, grunge culture and style quickly spread across the rest of North America.  One day, Much Music played an interview with some hardcore fan of grunge who happened to be from Seattle.  And all that person could talk about was how pissed he was about the rest of the country copying people from Seattle.  Wearing flannel shirts and turning what was primarily a local music scene into the mainstream.  If you can believe it, he was actually upset that such a huge part of Seattle’s culture had spread to other areas of the country.

That guy from the Much Music interview epitomizes so many of the Mariner fans who do nothing but whine about all the Blue Jay fans.  It’s as if they think it’s an invasion of their territory, like this was some sort of war.  Last I checked, baseball was supposed to bring people together, but the closed minded fans in Seattle can’t wrap their heads around the fact that millions of Blue Jay fans live far closer to their city than they do Toronto.

Let me tell you, Blue Jay fans don’t travel all the way to Seattle to rub it in your faces.  They do so because they love baseball, and for many of them, this will be the only chance they get all year to see their favourite team.

From what I’ve heard, the fans that do travel down from Canada show nothing but respect for your city and stadium.  Don’t look at this as an invasion of Seattle and Safeco Field, because it’s nothing more than a group of people who want to drink some watered down beer and enjoy their Blue Jays.  This is something you should probably at least try to get used to, because these Blue Jay fans aren’t going anywhere.  And there’s likely to be even more of them once exciting young talents like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette make the jump to the big leagues.

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