Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins

Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins

This off-season Mark Shapiro wanted to keep this team together because he felt they still had what it took to compete for the post-season.  Everyone understood that sort of thinking was complete BS and was nothing more than the Blue Jays half-hearted attempt to sell as many tickets as possible this season.

What 2018 should have been for the Blue Jays was a year to re-build and prepare for the future.  Instead, its become the mess we’re having to endure on almost a nightly basis.

The fans put a lot of faith in those in charge of running this ball club.  So when they tell us they’ll be doing as much as possible to field a winner this season (despite the roster being a shadow of its former self), that might just be the easiest way to lose our trust and confidence in your ability to build a baseball team.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Shapiro.  I also believe it’s far to soon to judge whether or not he has what it takes to build a winner with the Blue Jays.  This team still isn’t his, at least not completely.  And until the Blue Jays have moved on from the likes of Russell Martin and Troy Tulowitzki (players acquired during Alex Anthopoulos’ tenure), it wouldn’t be entirely fair to place complete blame for Toronto’s current state squarely on Shapiro and Ross Atkins’ shoulders.

Shapiro’s reputation amongst the Blue Jays fanbase wasn’t good to begin with, but it certainly doesn’t help his cause by trying to trick people into thinking this team was capable of competing against such solid teams as the Yankees and Red Sox this year.  Sure the Blue Jays have had some setbacks this season.  Plagued by injuries (yet again) and what happened with Osuna was a huge blow.  That being said, every team in the league has to deal with injuries, so to think Toronto stinks solely on account of injuries and Osuna’s absence wouldn’t be right.

Shapiro seems to think Blue Jay fans couldn’t handle seeing a star player like Josh Donaldson traded away.  Obviously losing a player as talented as Donaldson would be tough.  But it’s also the right thing to do, even if it means having to deal with the complaints of a good many people who’ve grown to enjoy what Donaldson’s brought to the Blue Jays over the years.  This front office needs to start doing what’s best for the future of this franchise and stop playing things so god damn safe.  Only then will we be able to compete against such talented clubs as Boston and New York on a regular basis.

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