SkydomeThe Blue Jays have been bossed around by the Red Sox and Yankees for too long now and it’s high time they stand up and say enough already!  2015 and 2016 were nice, but they were a slight reprieve from what’s been almost a quarter century of ass-kickings at the hands of the Yankees and Red Sox.  We get it, the market for baseball in cities like Boston and New York is stronger than in other places, but that doesn’t mean one of those two teams deserves to win the division almost every single season.

The mission for the Blue Jays is to make the post-season, but in order to do that they’ll first need to surpass these two powerhouse clubs.  I love baseball so much that I can endure one losing season after another…the thing is, I don’t want to think like that any longer.  Those feelings of content was how I felt about the Blue Jays between 1994-2014, all those years when they failed to make the post-season.  To be honest though, I’m tired of thinking like that because the most enjoyable baseball I’ve ever seen was what I remember in 1992, 1993, and 2015.  And the reason for that wasn’t that those teams went to the post-season, it was because good teams like those play an incredibly exciting brand of baseball.

The Blue Jays and their fan base can’t be content that the 21-year post-season drought has ended.  It’s time this organization becomes as determined to succeed as the Red Sox/Yankees, and starts to recreate the days of the early 90’s when Toronto was the team to be reckoned with.

The good news for Blue Jay fans is there’s a big difference in how this franchise is run now compared to 20-years ago.  Back then they simply didn’t have the budget or a GM competent enough to make a run in such a tough division.  These days however the Blue Jays have the payroll and resources necessary to play with the big boys.

All those years that the Blue Jays missed out on the post-season, it felt as if they were almost OK with the idea of being a .500 team.  Well not anymore.  I don’t know if Major League Baseball has any plans of changing the divisions in order to finally create an equal playing field for everyone.  But until they do, Toronto will remain in what is the toughest of divisions.  If the Blue Jays want to get back to playing playoff baseball anytime soon, they’ll have to figure out how to build a team capable of dethroning two of the best clubs in baseball that have no intention of going anywhere.

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