Freddy Galvis

Freddy Galvis is one of the premiere defensive talents at shortstop in all of baseball and should do a lot of good for a Blue Jays roster in serious transition this season.

In an interesting move, the Blue Jays went ahead and signed free agent shortstop Freddy Galvis yesterday to a one year deal for $4-million that includes a team option in 2020.  Interesting because it wasn’t all that long ago that Toronto parted with two shortstops in Aledmys Diaz and Troy Tulowitzki.

With this signing, the Blue Jays also confirm they aren’t quite ready to hand over the reins at shortstop to Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

I figured getting rid of both Diaz and Tulowitzki was supposed to clear the way for Gurriel to take over at shortstop.  I figured wrong.  The Diaz trade was done to bolster their starting pitching depth with the acquisition of Trent Thornton.  While the release of Tulowitzki was likely done on account of a combination of his fragility and unwillingness to play any position other than shortstop.

In Galvis, the Blue Jays have acquired one of the finest defensive infielders in all of baseball and someone with a reputation for staying healthy.  Until Gurriel (or any other young Blue Jay for that matter) proves ready to take over the full-time duties at shortstop, the ever reliable Galvis will be there to act as a stop-gap.  He’ll also act as a defensively minded mentor for Gurriel who’s game is still in need of some polishing on the defensive side.

The Blue Jays are making it perfectly clear this rebuild isn’t simply about replacing veteran players with prospects.  It’s also very much about building around the right kind of players.  Players with the right attitude who are willing to do what’s best for the team and help the Blue Jays grow in a year when Toronto will undoubtedly experience plenty of growing pains.

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