Curtis Granderson

With 6 RBI’s on the day, Curtis Granderson led the Blue Jays in their 13-3 romp of the Orioles Sunday afternoon.

I’m usually not a fan of the Blue Jays running up the score on the opposition.  Yesterday however, when Toronto was leading 13-1 in the 6th inning and looked as if they wanted even more, I was on the fence whether or not they should keep piling on the runs.

Normally with a 12-run lead I would say ease up.  The difference yesterday was that this was the Orioles, and as recently as last year the Orioles were out to stick-it to the Blue Jays.  Last season when Toronto got off to that brutal 2-11 start, there wasn’t a team in baseball happier than the Orioles.  The Orioles didn’t let up one bit against Toronto during those forgettable first 13 games of the season as they took full advantage and went 5-1 against the Blue Jays during that time.

These two teams have a long history, but much of that had to do with Jose Bautista who’s absence has taken much of the heat out of this once entertaining rivalry.  Last year though, when Bautista was still with the Blue Jays, it was obvious that Baltimore was out to make life as miserable as possible for Toronto during that god awful start to the season.

Despite all the past quarrels between Baltimore and Toronto, neither club can boast of being the powerhouse team they once were.  The fall from grace for the Blue Jays hasn’t been nearly as dramatic as what’s happened with the Orioles who look like a team that’s completely lost their way.  Baltimore’s poor play has gotten so bad in fact that this lifelong Blue Jays fan is actually starting to feel genuinely sorry for them.  With a 19-45 record, just imagine what’s in store for Baltimore once they lose Manny Machado, Zach Britton, and maybe even Adam Jones.

Probably the biggest thing going against the Orioles though is that they have arguably the worst contract in baseball with what they’re paying Chris Davis.  Davis’ decline has been so significant since signing his contract in 2016, that one has to wonder what could possibly explain such a drop in performance (wink wink).  The fact that the Orioles have to live with Davis’ contract for another four years (not to mention the millions he’s owed in deferred salary) doesn’t bode well for a franchise without much to look forward to over the coming years.

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