Marcus Stroman and Aaron SanchezIs it any coincidence that ever since the so-called rift between Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez began that they’ve been getting constantly injured?  Perhaps the stress of having such a strained relationship with someone who was once such a close teammate is what’s contributing to all these injury woes and decline in performance.

Up until recently I’ve always stated the Blue Jays would be crazy to trade either Stroman or Sanchez.  At least not while both players have multiple years of service time remaining.  Now that I see both players struggling mightily to get back on track while they’re on the same team, perhaps it would be best to move one of them.  If it was up to me, I’d move Stroman.  Even after an off-year, his trade value is still strong enough and probably greater than that of Sanchez.  Stroman also has attitude problems and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the instigator in this whole messy situation.

The problem for the Blue Jays is Sanchez and Stroman are the two best starting pitchers they have.  They’re also the only starters with any serious big league experience.  As you can see, Toronto is faced with a pickle of a situation.  Do they trade one of them and put an end to this drama for the betterment of the team?  Or do they hold onto both players and hope they have what it takes to lead a rotation even though neither pitcher is rooting for the other?

Toronto’s clubhouse is delicate enough as it is.  What with so many of their young players coming up to the majors, the last thing they need to be exposed to is an ongoing feud between two of Toronto’s best players.  If the Blue Jays were smart, they’d sit Sanchez and Stroman down and see if they might just be able to hash things out.  If that’s not possible, Toronto may need to consider trading one of them.

As long as they’re both on the same team, the Blue Jays are leaving a lot of things to chance to expect their performance will be any different come 2019.

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