The time has long since come for the Cubs to bring home a world series to Wrigley Field (Photo courtesy of Daniel Gillaspia)

In a 30 team league, it’s hard to believe that a team, or in this case two teams, could go as long as the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians have gone without winning a world series. In the case of the Cubs, before their NLCS clinching win against the Dodgers, the last time they were even at the world series was 71 years ago! Forget winning the world series, when it comes to the Cubs, just making the fall classic has been something that’s alluded them since the mid-forties.

How incredible is it that two teams who’ve gone a combined 174 years without winning the world series now find themselves playing each other for the championship? Some people might think it’s cruel that one of these teams championship droughts will continue after the series is over. I know I sure don’t however, because when it’s all said and done, at least one of these poor unfortunate teams who’ve had to endure this most cruel of streaks will have finally put an end to their god forsaken drought.

Being neither a fan of the Cubs or Indians myself, and the fact that it’s been so long since each team has won it all, it’s difficult to choose who to cheer for. Obviously it’s nice that one of them will finally win after all these years, but considering how agonizingly long the Cubs have gone without winning, I can’t help but cheer for them to win it. And anyone who thinks it’s funny that the Cubs have gone so long without winning a championship and would like for their streak of bad luck to continue, well you’re just one sick bastard! I don’t care if you happen to be a fan of the Cubs biggest rival, the St.Louis Cardinals, even you should be happy for them that they finally have a chance to do something they haven’t done in well over a century. For Cardinal fans, or fans of any club that are rivals with the Cubs, you should just be thankful your team had the good fortune of being in the same division or league with the Cubs for all these many years, as I’m sure your team took full advantage when playing against all those lowly Cub squads.

As for the Cleveland Indians, if they were playing any other team for the World Series, I’d most certainly be cheering for them to win and end their 67 year world series drought. But because they just happen to be playing against a team in the Cubs who’ve gone 40 years longer than they have without winning, for me it’s an easy decision to cheer for the Cubs when it comes to this match-up.

I know if I were a fan of either the Cubs or Indians I’d be thanking the baseball gods profusely for letting their team get so far…but at the same time I’d be looking at the groups who’ve managed their ball clubs over the years and ask the question “what the hell have you been doing all these years for us to have gone so long without winning a championship already?! 108 years without winning a world series, are you kidding me!!” If ever there was a time for a non-Cubs fan to cheer on the Cubbies, now would definitely be it. At the NLCS Game 6 between the Dodgers and Cubs, which Chicago won and obviously clinched their spot in the world series, amongst the crowd were Cubs fans of all ages, a good number of whom were quite old…fans so old that you wouldn’t normally see at a ball game, at least not in those numbers. No fan should go a lifetime without seeing their team win a championship…but thankfully here in 2016 the Cubs have as good a chance to win as ever and finally give what I’m guessing every Cubs fan (my apologies to any 108+ year old Cubs fans) has been waiting their entire lives for, an all so precious World Series victory.

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