Curtis Granderson

If that swing doesn’t say ‘classic’, I don’t know what does. (Photo courtesy of Keith Allison)

There’s a lot to like about the way Curtis Granderson plays the game of baseball.  Whether you’re listening to one of his interviews, or watching how he carries himself on the ball field, he’s the ultimate professional and team player.  He also has this classic style that takes you back to how the game must have been played in a long lost era.

Watch the way he swings the bat, catches a fly-ball with two hands, or even how reacts after earning a walk by putting his head down and gently tossing his bat aside.

Every young girl and boy who plays this game will obviously develop their own habits (some good…some not so good) as to how they go about playing baseball.  But if Little League Baseball were to teach young ball players on proper etiquette, all they need do is tell them to watch Granderson.

Granderson plays the game the right way.  He’s the ultimate competitor, and yet still has the utmost respect of the competition.  Baseball needs modest players like Granderson to show young fans that playing this great game isn’t all about having the $200 sunglasses or feeling the need to argue every little call that doesn’t go your way.  Over the coming years, this will be a battle Major League Baseball is faced with.  Where young and arrogant players with little respect for anything become the next generation of stars and role models.

In addition to what he’s doing for young fans, Granderson has also brought a sense of gentlemanly behaviour to the Blue Jays.  Not too long ago Toronto had the reputation of a club that would complain about strike calls more than almost any other team in the league.  This however isn’t the case anymore, as respected veterans like Granderson have come in, led by example, and helped turn the Blue Jays into a ball club that really does play the game the way it was meant to be played.

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