Are you kidding me! Who does that sort of thing?

To the pea-brained moron who threw the can of beer at Orioles left fielder Hyun Soo Kim as he attempted to catch a fly ball in Tuesday’s wild card game, don’t ever pull that kind of stunt again. I’m starting to really understand now why in the past we’ve seen incidents where athletes have actually gone up into the stands to take care of unruly spectators. To make matters worse in yesterdays game, after the beer incident, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones then raced over to defend his teammate and had to endure racial slurs from spectators (I won’t call these people fans, because they aren’t) that were directed at both himself and Kim.

As a spectator at a Blue Jays game, you’re not just representing the city of Toronto, but all of Canada. So for this sort of disgusting act to take place in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world is both sad and couldn’t be more disappointing. How ignorant can you be? In case you don’t know much about baseball, let me enlighten you…Adam Jones is one of the best players in the game, he’s a class act, and the leader of the Baltimore Orioles. So when some idiot like yourself throws a can of beer at one of his teammates, you bet that Jones, being the leader and great teammate that he is, isn’t going to stand by idly and let that kind of reckless behaviour continue to happen.

I don’t care if you’re drunk, high, or what have you, if you can’t control yourself in a moment like that because you’re a headcase, overly emotional dipstick who can’t handle themselves at a high pressure sporting event, it’s probably best that you keep your ass at home next time and not embarrass yourself, the Blue Jays, the city of Toronto, and the rest of Canada.

Far too many spectators at yesterday’s wild card game looked like complete fools because they were far too amped up and drunk on account of it being such a significant game. Behind home plate, where we normally see the friendly looking older lady who attends many of Toronto’s home games had to deal with a group of neanderthals to her left who were waving towels and jumping around whenever an Orioles pitcher began their windup as if this was basketball and he was shooting free throws. On top of that, the moment before Encarnacion hit his memorable game winning home run, these morons actually jumped in front of the nice old lady and she didn’t even get to see that incredible moment! Standing up is fine, but when you block someone else’s view a split second before such a momentous play, well then you deserve a swift kick to the nuts.

I partially blame the poor behaviour that many belligerent Jays fans showed towards the Orioles on Blue Jays management. Understandably with it being a single-game elimination the Blue Jays organization is going to try and do as much as possible to benefit from the home field advantage, but to play that ominous music during the player introductions for the Orioles was pretty pathetic. We know the Orioles are the opposition, but do they really deserve to have such evil sounding music played as they’re being introduced? The player introductions for the Orioles reminded me more of what you’d encounter at Wrestlemania rather than a baseball game.

Blue Jays Management/Rogers Centre, start doing a better job of controlling the unruly people who attend Blue Jay games and make sure they don’t act like complete jackasses and embarrass the rest of the country moving forwards. To do this, maybe start by showing a little more respect for the competition, because home field advantage should never include the kind of crap that certain spectators seemingly got away with yesterday against the Orioles.

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