Joaquin Benoit with the Blue Jays

Is it time for the Blue Jays to bring in someone like Joaquin Benoit…again?

I don’t want to dwell too much on that nightmare of a ball game that occurred last night in Kansas City.  But considering how things went down in that forgettable 9th inning, is it time for the Blue Jays to seriously consider acquiring a new reliever?

It was right around this time last year that the Blue Jays traded for Jason Grilli, and that one move did so much to turn things around for what had been a struggling bullpen.  Even though the group of relievers Toronto has this season is far better than it was at the time they acquired Grilli last year, it’s very clear the bullpen has some holes that need addressing.

Toronto has four very capable relievers (Roberto Osuna, Joe Smith, Ryan Tepera, and Danny Barnes), but the problem is that the bullpen is rounded out with 2-3 pitchers who haven’t been all that dependable.

As good as the Blue Jays bullpen can be at times, it’s biggest problem is their lack of depth.  So with Smith on the DL, and Osuna not available yesterday, it then becomes very easy to expose the weak spots in Toronto’s bullpen.  As things stand at the moment, being only 3.5 games out of the wild card, Toronto has a decent shot of still making the post-season.  And even if they didn’t, that’s no excuse to have certain relievers on the roster who have serious difficulty getting the job done at the big league level.

There’s already plenty of teams well out of the playoffs who are probably more than willing to part with any of their relievers who’re set to hit free agency at years end.  Several pitchers who’d be a welcome addition to the Blue Jays bullpen include Pat Neshek, Jerry Blevins, or even bringing back Joaquin Benoit who pitched so well for Toronto last season during their push for the playoffs.

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