Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson (Photo courtesy of @BlueJays Twitter)

It was pretty clear that the Blue Jays would be moving on from Josh Donaldson at some point in the near future.  But never did I foresee things ending quite like this, with Donaldson and the front office at such odds with one another.

What a confusing time to be a Blue Jay fan.  In two short years, the heart and soul of this ball club has almost completely disappeared.  And if the way that everything ended with Edwin Encarnacion wasn’t strange enough, things ended up being even weirder with this whole Donaldson fiasco.  Even though the Blue Jays front office obviously needs some lessons when it comes to handling the emotions of their star players, to their credit, they still made the right call moving on from Encarnacion when they did.  And eventually, time will show that moving on from Donaldson was also the right thing to do.

That being said, this has to go down as one of the strangest trades in Blue Jays history.  A player who hadn’t played a game since May 28…makes his first rehab start in the minors on August 28…clears waivers and is then traded all just hours prior to the trade deadline on August 31.  Talk about forcing a trade.  The Blue Jays did everything they possibly could to get rid of Donaldson.

The big question now is, why did this all have to happen in such haphazard fashion?

Shouldn’t a player who’s done as much for this franchise as Donaldson be entitled to a more dignified exit.  The way this all went down makes it pretty clear the relationship between the Blue Jays and the star 3rd baseman had become highly personal.  Otherwise Toronto would have certainly made more of an effort to pay the respect deserving of someone as accomplished as the 2015 MVP.  This move wasn’t about getting something for Donaldson while they still had the chance, it was about getting him out, whatever the means.

The Blue Jays opinion of Donaldson had soured so much, that they traded him, an MVP and 3-time all-star, for a player to be named later.  Fans should be demanding answers to this most bizarre series of events.  How does Donaldson go from potential building block/franchise player (as per what the front office has been telling us the past year), to being someone that gets traded almost as if his former team was willing to just give him away.

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