Who flips their bat on a single?

Back in 2015 after Jose Bautista hit that epic home run off Sam Dyson in the American League Division Series that sent the Rangers packing, we all remember how much of a stink Texas made about Bautista’s bat flip.  Amazed I was then to see little Rougned Odor flip his very own bat (and in such arrogant fashion) after driving a ball deep against Italy, only to see it hit just short of the top of the wall and remain in play.  When I first saw video of Odor’s bat flip, the first thought that came to mind is that the Rangers are a bunch of hypocrites and cry-babies who whine when this sort of thing happens to them, but who apparently have no reservations about doing it to others.   As the video continues, and you see the ball not leave the park while Odor has yet to even make it to 1st base, it becomes comical that not only would he flip his bat, but that he’d do so on a ball that wasn’t even a home run.

I’ve made my opinion known previously about what I think of bat flips.  I’m not a fan of them, but I’m also not a fan of how the Rangers went about enacting their revenge on Bautista last season, and the garbage they spew trying to convince the world and probably themselves as well that they play the game the right way.  I may not be an advocate for bat flips, but Bautista flipped his bat after hitting the go ahead home run in the deciding game of the ALDS.  If ever their was a moment when such an action was excusable, it was then and there.  Bautista flipped his bat at the very end of a heated 5-game series, whereas Odor flipped his in the World Baseball Classic in a game against Italy.  The fact that Odor jogged out of the box after hitting a ball he assumed was gone is not the issue here, even though it was good for a laugh.  The problem I have with Odor’s bat flip is that him and the Rangers went to great lengths to criticize Bautista for doing his flip, and then he goes off and does the exact same thing.

Not that it’s ever going to happen, but you’d think the Rangers owe Bautista an apology.  They made such a fuss about the way he acted that it became much bigger news than it needed to be.  Then the following year, in a pathetic display of revenge, the Rangers smoked Bautista in the ribs with a 97 MPH fastball in the 8th inning of the very last regular season game of 2016 between Texas and the Blue Jays.   All this hypocrisy in professional sports is becoming far too common and a joke to see grown men crying over spilled milk.  If you’re going to get upset about the way your opponent plays against you, that’s ok, as long as you don’t come out and do the very same thing you were just complaining about.  Something I’ve learned in life is that those who often cry foul are usually the biggest offenders of them all…never afraid to slight someone else, but as soon as it happens to them, they start blubbering like a little baby.

Video of Rougned Odor’s bat flip against Italy at the World Baseball Classic

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