Marcus Stroman letting out some frustration

Although the kind of player who wears his heart on his sleeve, Marcus Stroman is not one to mix things up with an umpire unless seriously provoked.

Back in the day, and I’m talking as recently as the early 2000’s, a manager could walk out of the dugout to have a pretty heated exchange with an umpire and not get tossed from the game.  These days however, in our hyper-sensitive world, an umpire will toss someone for looking at them the wrong way.

Major League Baseball for some odd reason feels they can just change 150 years of how things have always been done in this great game.  It used to be common for managers or players to have animated and often comedic discussions about the strike zone…but now, it’s almost as if teams can’t have any sort of interaction with an umpire, unless it’s the kind of the ass kissing variety where teams butter-up an umpire.

The worst part is, very few people to begin with even like umpires, and by having this new policy where they toss someone arguing calls without much provocation, it’s just making them that much more despised.

Marcus Stroman is Toronto’s most important pitcher.  He also only gets to play once every five days, and when he isn’t dealing with a blister issue because of substandard baseball’s, the last thing he wants is to be thrown out of a game for something as little as arguing strikes and balls.  People, the same people who are the reason this league even exists, pay good money for the chance to watch a player like Stroman.  They don’t want to see some talentless umpire ejecting the stars of this game all because they can’t abide even the smallest of complaints.

Umpires have always been a part of baseball, and that’s likely not going to change anytime soon, despite how many people are calling for an automated strike zone.  But umpires need to be doing things a whole lot differently so that players/managers don’t run the risk of being tossed over nothing.  The fans pay to see special talents like Stroman…a good umpire on the other hand is one that goes almost completely unnoticed, and that’s exactly the way it should be.

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