Adam Eaton

Adam Eaton of the Washington Nationals

No it isn’t the highly overrated Bryce Harper…although it is one of his Washington teammates.

Even if Harper doesn’t sign with the Nationals, they still have one of the better outfield units in the game.  One that includes burgeoning stars like 20-year old Juan Soto and 21-year old Victor Robles.  The Nationals also have a very solid outfielder in Adam Eaton.  Who, if Harper does return to Washington, likely becomes the odd man out and a player far too talented (and expensive) to be sitting on the bench.  Eaton would be a great fit in Toronto.

The Blue Jays meanwhile need outfielders, especially ones who are undoubtedly capable of getting the job done at the big league level.  I couldn’t care less if the Blue Jays are rebuilding, they still need players good enough to at least hold their own in the AL East.  And right now they have far too many outfielders taking up valuable spots on the 40-man roster, despite it being questionable whether those players are big league material.

Eaton excels in many areas where the Blue Jays are currently lacking.  He’s fast, gets on base, and hits for AVG.  He can also play any position in the outfield and is a prototypical lead-off hitter.  Eaton would finally provide the Blue Jays with the lead-off man their offense has been sorely lacking these past few years.

Eaton has had his fair share of injuries the past two seasons.  In 2017 he tore his ACL and missed all but 23 games.  Then in the first week of the 2018 season, he damaged his ankle on an aggressive slide at the plate.  The play would require surgery and keep Eaton out of the line-up until early June.  Upon returning on June 9, Eaton would go on to play in 85 of the Nationals remaining 100 games, and hit to the tune of a .301 AVG and .394 OBP.  After a solid 2nd half, the long off-season should go a long way to getting Eaton back to the player he was prior to being traded to Washington.

There’s nothing Ross Atkins would like more than for one of his young outfielders to step-up and become Toronto’s left-fielder for years to come.  The problem is, not one of those players has yet to prove they deserve to be starting on an everyday basis.  And until they prove otherwise, why not consider bringing in someone like Eaton who would do so much to help this ball club.

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