Only two months ago my wife gave birth to a happy and healthy boy whose professional sports career I’ve already started to plan.  Alright, I’m (half?) joking, but being someone who closely follows and thoroughly enjoys playing many sports, it did get me thinking about the career trajectory of my son whether it be likely for leisure or on the off-chance he can play a sport professionally.

I started weighing the pros and cons of the major sports played in North America and some of the more niche sports played in Canada and here’s what I came up with.

(DISCLAIMER: I grew up playing soccer and rugby, I currently play squash and golf, and I mostly watch hockey and football.

Hockey (of course)
Pro: Canada’s pastime. Great cardio.
Con: Seriously worried about concussions and their repercussions, namely CTE.  Also don’t love the idea of the amount of money needed to play it at a high level and some of the obscure times that ice is available are a royal PITA.

Pro: Little equipment needed. Beautiful outdoor courts all over Toronto.
Con: Hard on the knees long term.

Pro: Great way to get outdoors. Lower risk of injury. Low cost to play.
Con: Can only play in 3 seasons in Canada, unless you’re doing training in a dome.

Pro: Team-first mentality. Have a family member that plays at a high level that might be able to teach him a thing or two.
Con: More worried about concussions here than with hockey.  Injuries run rampant in a sport where even when people are playing a clean game, inches matter and can cause a plethora of ailments.

Pro: Cardio, coordination, team sport, relatively low risk for injury.
Con: Don’t know if I can think of a single one.  Don’t love that professional soccer condones diving as I am a stickler for sportsmanship.

Pro: Something you can play until you’re an old person.  Any level can play and enjoy golf with a variety of other level of skilled players.
Con: The game itself doesn’t lend itself to high activity levels or muscle building.  Expensive sport to play on the regular.  Repetitive motion injuries.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Kidding.  Praying to sweet baby J that my boy doesn’t go that route.

Note: I missed a lot of sports here, but I could go on forever if I so chose. Bossaball?  Pesapallo? Ga-ga?  I think you get my point.

All that being said, I think I am really just hoping that I can get my son to be active and involved in as many sports as he is able.  A healthy lifestyle is really the goal for which I am aiming to instill in my little man and, really, for any sport that he plays, he can expect that his old man will be on the sidelines cheering him on.