What I’d like to know is why all of sudden now that it’s the post-season does Major League Baseball think it can start screwing around with the times at which the games are played? And why is it that certain teams (i.e. Toronto/Texas) are getting by far the least desirable time slots? After Sunday’s game between the Blue Jays and Rangers, they’ll have played three games of their ALDS at the following times…Thursday at 4:38pm ET, Friday at 1:08pm ET, and Sunday at 7:38 pm ET. Essentially, during the week, MLB has scheduled the games between these two teams during the afternoon when the majority of fans are at work. Then come the weekend, MLB goes ahead and schedules the game for late Sunday evening, meaning that many fans of the Rangers or Blue Jays will need to stay up later than they’d normally prefer before the start of the work week.

“What’s that you say MLB? The reason you’re doing this is so the games of the four different series’ conflict with each other as little as possible.” Ok, makes sense I guess, but do you not even take into consideration how many less fans of the Blue Jays and Rangers watched Friday’s 1:08pm ET game because they were at work? Toronto has made the playoffs a grand total of 2 times over the past 23 years and you have the nerve to schedule a day game when millions of loyal Blue Jay fans won’t even be able to watch the game live. That’s not just cruel…it’s plain stupid.

In all their infinite wisdom, MLB seems to think that the television viewers lost from Blue Jay and Rangers fans who have to work during these most awkward of game times is more than compensated for with additional viewers throughout the rest of North America who’ll now be watching this game on account of it being the only one on TV at that particular time. Granted that probably the number of television viewers will go up by scheduling the games so they don’t conflict with one another, but the problem is, that despite the number of viewers going up, the people watching the game aren’t even necessarily a fan of those two teams, but more just people watching because they’re fans of baseball and it’s the only game on TV.

Sure, maybe your television numbers will be up for the game between the Blue Jays and Rangers that took place at 1:08pm ET this past Friday because you’re able to draw upon all the baseball fans in the world (regardless if they even cheer for the Blue Jays or Rangers) who’re able to watch the game. But scheduling playoff games shouldn’t be about getting the most viewers, it should be about scheduling the game at a time that’s most convenient for the majority of fans who actually cheer for the two teams in action. I understand that as a business, Major League Baseball often needs to do whatever makes them the most money possible…the thing is, there comes a point where even a thoughtless-heartless company like MLB needs to draw the line somewhere and find more of a balance between doing what’s best for them financially and doing what’s most convenient for the fans who keep this league thriving.