Grichuk and Hernandez

Teoscar Hernandez and Randal Grichuk celebrating yesterday’s sweep of the Washington Nationals.

This off-season the Blue Jays went out and acquired Randal Grichuk, and just like that, it appeared as if they were saying Teoscar Hernandez wasn’t quite ready to be starting for them in right field.

By bringing in both Grichuk and Curtis Granderson, it meant Hernandez, despite his impressive spring (.358 AVG, 4 HR, 15 RBI) would begin the year in Triple A Buffalo.  With Grichuk’s early struggles, and an injury to Josh Donaldson, it wasn’t long before Hernandez was called up to where he belongs.  Almost immediately upon joining the Blue Jays, Hernandez confirmed that he most certainly deserved to remain in the big leagues.  He also made it pretty clear with his strong play, that he, and not Grichuk, should be considered the number one option to be starting in right field.

Here we are 2 1/2 months since opening day, and the amazing thing about Hernandez and Grichuk is that they’ve both managed to carve out a place for themselves on this ball club.  Two players, who not all that long ago looked as if they’d be competing over the same position (right field), and instead they’ve become the closest of teammates who both have a well deserved position of their own.

The Blue Jays were at a stage where they desperately needed some of their young outfielders to step-up.  We’re always hearing about how promising so many of Toronto’s young outfielders are, but until they actually raised their game and showed they could get the job done in the big leagues, the Blue Jays outfield would remain one of its weak points.

What had been an area of concern for the Blue Jays to start the season, the outfield, has quickly become a strength with plenty of untapped potential.  What the emergence of Grichuk and Hernandez means for the Blue Jays moving forward is that they now possess a solid outfield unit that provides hope for the future.

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