How much does Russell Martin have left in the tank?

Russell Martin

What happened yesterday when Rick Porcello plunked Russell Martin in the top of the 7th inning was nothing more than a pitcher showing a complete lack of respect for the competition.

What was Martin’s so-called crime anyways to warrant such a response from Porcello?  Well, he stepped into the batters box, didn’t feel all-that-comfortable with how soon Porcello began his wind-up (which was designed to rush the hitter by the way), and called for time.  On the next pitch…BOOM…fastball up and in that gets Martin square in the shoulder.

At the time of the incident, the Red Sox were leading 5-1 and rolling along.  So when Martin calls for time (something that happens half a dozen times in every game these days), and Porcello decides to nail him over the slightest of offenses, as a Blue Jay, you have to ask yourself how you might want to start playing differently against these guys for the remainder of the series and quite possibly the season.

For the record, I’m not a fan of batters calling time as often as they do.  But what happened with Martin last night wasn’t your typical batter calling time on account of the pitcher taking too long to get their pitch.  Martin was rushed as Porcello pretty much began his delivery as soon as Martin entered the box.  After time was called, Martin offered one of the more sincere apologies you’ll ever see on a ball field.  The fact that Martin offered a genuine apology only to be hit by the very next pitch shows just how over-the-top nasty Porcello got over something that wasn’t even worth thinking twice about.

It might sound strange to hear it this, but when it comes to professional teams, the Blue Jays are quite friendly.  They have plenty of friendly players, pitchers, and their manager doesn’t condone the kind of play that happened with Porcello.  The Red Sox have the best record in baseball, while the Blue Jays are playing poorly in every facet of the game.  Boston doesn’t have to get nasty with a team like Toronto that poses little threat at the moment.

The Blue Jays had to retaliate for what happened to Martin.  They can’t have their player disrespected the way he was.  So the Blue Jays got their revenge in the most polite way possible and had Danny Barnes throw a ball at Brock Holt‘s backside.  That in my book should put an end to this drama which had no reason to begin in the first place.

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