Roberto Osuna

Roberto Osuna

During his three years and a bit in Toronto, Roberto Osuna did so much for the Blue Jays to take them to heights they hadn’t experienced since the early 90’s.  In the end however, it was one stupid decision off the field that unfortunately sealed his short-lived legacy as a Blue Jay.

The Blue Jays should have had Osuna for at least another two seasons after 2018.  Those two years would have been his age 24 and 25 seasons.  Two prime years for an elite closer, and all before he even hit free agency.

Over their 40+ year history, with the exception of Tom Henke and Duane Ward, the Blue Jays have never had a closer like Osuna.  What made him even more unique, was just how good he was at such a young age.  Considering all this, one can understand the frustration being voiced by the home crowd last night as Osuna took to the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning.  Players like Osuna, that is to say, someone who possesses such a combination of youth and talent don’t come around too often.  For many Blue Jay fans, it probably doesn’t seem fair that Toronto would lose such a quality player the way they did.

For the first time ever, Toronto was blessed with a top-tier closer in his early 20’s, and he had to go ruin it by getting physical with a woman.  I hope for the sanity of Blue Jay fans that the Osuna trade really works out in their favour.  Fingers crossed that Ken Giles can pitch as well or near to what Osuna does over the next two years.  And hopefully one of David Paulino or Hector Perez can one day become a key contributor for the Blue Jays.

In the blink of an eye, Osuna went from being an icon in this city and country, to someone who was booed by 20,000 fans last night for a good five minutes.  He could very well have gone down as one of the best, if not the best reliever to ever play in Toronto.  What Mariano Rivera was to the Yankees, or Trevor Hoffman to the Padres…that could have been what Osuna meant to the Blue Jays.  Instead, he’s now with the Astros, and no team he ever plays with moving forwards could ever match the legacy he was building while with the Blue Jays.

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