Ryan Borucki

Without Ryan Borucki stepping-up like he has, it’s scary to think where the Blue Jays rotation would be.

A lot of people have been saying of late that things won’t get a whole lot better for the Blue Jays in 2019.  I couldn’t disagree more with that sentiment.  Sure, the Blue Jays will be a long shot to make the post-season next year, but they should be better and will most definitely be far more exciting than the team we currently have to watch.

What Ryan Borucki and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. are doing with their wonderful play, is providing the Blue Jays with a little taste of what’s to come.  They’re just the first of many waves of young players that will be joining the Blue Jays in the coming years.

So why will next year be any different for the Blue Jays you ask?

Well for starters, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Danny Jansen, and Sean Reid-Foley should all be with the big club early next season.  The addition of those three players alone makes the Blue Jays a far better team than they are now.  And right behind them, coming-up through the minor league ranks will be Bo Bichette, Nate Pearson, Hector Perez, and a whole slew of other talented prospects.

For three years (2015-2017), the Blue Jays farm system lagged behind the rest of the league.  Only on account of how good the big league team was did they not need to rely on the help of any incoming prospects.   That all changes now as Toronto’s best young players are beginning to show they have what it takes to excel in the big leagues.  The best part is, Toronto’s prospects will only continue to get better next year as the Blue Jays keep building on what’s already considered one of the Top 5 farm systems.

For what it’s worth, Borucki is ranked as the Blue Jays 12th best prospect.  Considering how well he’s been playing, just imagine what’s going to happen when some of their Top 5 prospects make it to the show and start unleashing the full force of what Toronto’s young talent has to offer.

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