Scott Boras

Players’ agent Scott Boras thinks he knows what’s best for the Blue Jays.

At the General Managers meetings yesterday, sports agent Scott Boras was quoted as saying Toronto is a wonderful city, it’s been a great franchise, they’ve drawn three million fans. They’ve lost near a third of their fan base due to the ‘Blue Flu’ of not bringing attractive players that their fans find interesting to their market.

Let me enlighten you Scott.  The reason attendance declined so much in Toronto was on account of the Blue Jays playing crap baseball, and no free agent from last winter would have changed that.  When you say the Blue Jays aren’t bringing in attractive players that the fans find interesting, who might you be referring to?  Manny MachadoBryce Harper?  Because no team with half a brain would ever sign either of those two…the most overrated of stars to a franchise killing $300-million contract.

The Blue Jays already have three large contracts tied to over-the-hill veterans in Troy Tulowitzki, Russell Martin, and Kendrys Morales.  They don’t need any more of them thank you.  Tulowitzki, a client of yours, didn’t even play a single game this season.  Despite making $20-million!  There’s a reason ball clubs have been staying away from your clients.  Older players nearing the end of their prime years and expecting monster deals just aren’t worth the risk.

This is the economics of baseball.  Not every team is going to spend 200+ million/year on their players.  What’s the point of a team like Toronto spending big money on a free agent like Dallas Keuchel when they’re in the midst of a rebuild?  And criticizing the Blue Jays for not spending enough makes little sense when one of your free agent clients is most certainly on Toronto’s radar this off-season (i.e. Gio Gonzalez).

The contract for one of your players has already had a ruinous affect on one MLB franchise.  Chris Davis and his 7-year $161-million deal might go down as the worst contract in all of sports.  But I guess you’re to be congratulated for that though, because to you, all that really matters is the money.

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