R.A. Dickey

Sure, R.A. Dickey will always be remembered as the player traded for Noah Syndergaard. But his Blue Jays tenure wasn’t all bad and he may very well still be able to help Toronto.

At the beginning of the season, the Blue Jays greatest strength was supposed to be their starting pitching.  With Marcus Stroman, J.A. Happ, Aaron Sanchez, Marco Estrada, and Jaime Garcia, on paper, Toronto had one of the deeper rotations in the American League.

Unfortunately for the Blue Jays, Estrada, Garcia, and Stroman have all faltered out of the gate and Toronto’s rotation has quickly gone from being their greatest strength to biggest weakness.

Toronto may have five bonafide starting pitchers, but beyond those players, their starting depth is still quite limited.  At the moment, Joe Biagini fills the role of Toronto’s sixth starter.  Biagini however has struggled, and it’s still uncertain whether he’ll ever make the transition to become a successful starting pitcher in the big leagues.

One possible option to help bolster Toronto’s organizational pitching depth might be to call on a familiar face.  R.A. Dickey remains unsigned, and as recently as last year with Atlanta was still putting up decent enough numbers (10-10, 4.26 ERA, 190 IP).

I understand a lot of Blue Jay fans may not be that big on the idea of bringing back Dickey.  Although he never did quite live up to expectation in Toronto, Dickey was still a solid piece of the Blue Jays rotation for a good four seasons.

The big question is whether Dickey would be willing to sign with the Blue Jays if it meant playing in the minors and acting as a back-up option for Toronto’s current five starters.  The addition of Dickey would not only provide the Blue Jays with some much needed depth, it would also hopefully give their group of starters a kick in the pants knowing that there’s a more than capable replacement waiting in the wings.

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