The White Sox aren’t terrible, so why now are they deciding to blow-up their team? (Photo courtesy of Keith Allison)

It’s interesting to see what the aftermath has been now that the Chicago Cubs after 108 long years have finally started to experience some serious success.  I for one never would have expected this sort of reaction from certain teams, but can you actually believe how the Cubs winning it all has set-off both the St.Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox to start grasping at straws in an effort to make it appear to their fans that they’re trying to make good things happen?  Perhaps I’m off the mark with this assessment, but why is it that now, after the Cubs have finally won a championship after so long, that the White Sox have all of a sudden decided to blow-up what could still be a competitive ball club?  As for the Cardinals, well it’s not exactly in their character to just throw in the towel and do a complete re-build (they have way too much pride for that sort of thing), but the way they’ve been throwing money around this off-season goes against everything we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from them when it comes to how they go about building their team.

Can’t the White Sox and Cardinals just let the Cubs have their moment in the sun without reacting in this sort of over-the-top manner in a desperate attempt for attention?  Maybe I’m missing something here, maybe had the Cubs not won the world series, the White Sox and Cardinals would still be going about their business this off-season in such uncharacteristic fashion, but I highly doubt it.  These are desperation moves by two teams trying to steal the limelight because of the jealousy they feel towards a poor unfortunate ball club that hadn’t won since 1908.  The White Sox haven’t had a pitcher like Chris Sale since god knows when, and yet with three years remaining on his contract they feel now is the time to trade him.  It just all seems kind of funny and far too coincidental that now of all times, after the Cubs have won the world series for the first time in well over a century, that their two biggest rivals have all of a sudden decided to start doing things that go completely against the norm for those organizations.

What’s happening with the White Sox is one thing, they’re essentially just copying what the Cubs did 4-5 years ago when they completely dismantled their team in a complete re-build.  It’s all this stuff with St.Louis that really gets me.  Have you ever seen the movie ‘Miracle’, when the hockey team that never losses, the Soviet Union, is actually losing to the U.S.A with just minutes remaining in that memorable game from the 1980 Olympics?  The Soviet Union, the most dominant team in the world at the time (as they had been for over 15 years up to that point), have absolutely no idea what to do towards the end of the game when they find themselves actually down a goal.  Their coach, Viktor Tikhonov, and the brains of the operation starts getting all indecisive, it doesn’t even register to him to pull the goalie, and he’s at a complete loss for words of what to advise his players to do.  That Soviet team from the 1980 Olympics reminds me a lot of how the St.Louis Cardinals are behaving now…$30.5 million for Brett Cecil…$82.5 million for Dexter Fowler…tell me, when did St.Louis start spending money like the Yankees?  The Cardinals certainly appear to be scrambling to keep pace with the new powerhouse team of the NL Central don’t they.

I guess organizations like the Cardinals and White Sox have gotten so used to life where they could compare themselves to all those weak Cubs teams from past decades, that now that the Cubs are the best team in baseball, it seems to really be taking both the Cards and Sox out of their comfort zones.  For years (over a century in fact), if the White Sox or Cardinals had an off year, they always had that fall-back where they could just point to the Cubs and say “well, at least we’re not as bad as those guys.”  Whatever it is that’s going through the minds of the front office of the Cardinals and White Sox, it just comes off as very comedic to see what drastic measures they’re willing to stoop to in an effort to best a team (the Cubs) they’ve had the upper hand on for 108 freakin’ years…and all this after just a single season of the Cubs being the best.

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