Chris Davis

Despite being the 18th highest paid position player in all of baseball, Chris Davis has a league worst -2.6 WAR.

The Baltimore Orioles are having the kind of season that’s likely to induce nightmares for years to come.  108 losses and they still have 11 games to play.  We Blue Jay fans should be thanking our lucky stars.  Because as difficult as 2018 has been for Toronto, imagine just how rough it’s been for Oriole fans.

The season that Baltimore is having can be attributed to several key factors.  Whether it be developing too few quality prospects, or the fact they often abstain from spending money on international signings.  And that ridiculous Chris Davis contract certainly doesn’t help.  In so many ways this franchise is completely backwards in their approach to building a team.  So it should come as no surprise that they’re doing this poorly.

As for Davis, does he even care that his team is sucking to epic proportions?  I highly doubt it considering the piss-poor effort he’s given since day one of the season.  Davis’ solid contributions to the Orioles ended the day he signed that $161-million contract in January of 2016.  Here’s a player making $23-million per season until 2022, and he doesn’t even belong in the big leagues.  Heck, I’d be hesitant to start him on my beer league team.

Davis was quoted the other day when asked about the Orioles mounting loss totals.

It’s frustrating to say the least. Once we hit 100, it was kind of like, I don’t know, I didn’t have any words for it. It was embarrassing.

Strange words coming from someone hitting .171 and who’s making $20+ million this year for his efforts.  When it comes to the players, he’s the single biggest reason why Baltimore stinks so badly.  So instead of moping about how many losses your team has, why not try to focus on your miserable play that’s sucking the life out of this ball club.

What bothers me most about Davis is that prior to him signing that monster deal, he was putting up huge numbers.  He also tested positive for amphetamine in September 2014 and was subsequently suspended 25 games.  Given how drastically Davis’ performance has declined since signing his contract, if I’m the Orioles, I’d be tempted to hire a private investigator to determine if he was taking some form of PED prior to hitting free agency at the conclusion of the 2015 season.  If by chance he was taking something banned by Major League Baseball as a means to boost his 2015 statistics, perhaps the Orioles have a way of voiding his contract that’s dragging them down to depths never imaginable.

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