Bo Bichette with the Lansing Lugnuts (Photo courtesy of Joel Dinda)

Ok, so maybe ‘Bash Brothers’ is a bit off the mark considering that combined this season, the two players in question have 10 home runs between them.  But I don’t see why the term Bash Brothers still can’t apply to two very prolific hitters, even if the power isn’t quite on par (yet) to the original bash brothers of Canseco and McGwire.

A lot of people in the baseball world like to think the Blue Jays farm system is seriously lacking in top-level talent.  Many assume that because of how Alex Anthopoulos traded away ten pitching prospects at the 2015 trade deadline, that it must automatically mean Toronto’s prospect pool isn’t all that deep.  Although this might be the case when it comes to Toronto’s depth of pitching in the minors, it certainly doesn’t apply to the talented group of position players the Blue Jays can boast about.  And no two players more so than Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. best exemplify this high end talent that’s tearing it up in the minor leagues for Toronto.

Even though they’re just 18 and 19 years old, and in their first full season of professional baseball, Bichette and Guerrero have already proven to be too good for Single A.  The Blue Jays however are in no need to rush either player, and even if they were, you wouldn’t want them to rush two promising young players who just began playing in the Blue Jays system last year.

It’s amazing to think that on a team where almost all of the players are between the age of 21-24, that two teenagers would be the best players.  It isn’t just that Bichette and Guerrero are the best players on the Lansing Lugnuts, they’re also leading the entire Midwest League in AVG (.388 and .333) and OBP (.462 and .421).  To top it all off, Bichette is also leading the league in hits (80), runs (46), total bases (129), and SLG (.626).

Bichette and Guerrero got off to such a hot start in April that many wondered how long they’d be able to maintain such a torrid pace.  Well, not only have they been able to maintain their performance at the plate, they only seem to be getting better as the season progresses.  It’s nice to see that despite their wonderful play this season, the Blue Jays haven’t jumped the gun and rushed these two fine young players any more than they really need to.  But considering how easily Bichette and Guerrero have been handling the competition so far in the minors, it makes you wonder just how soon it might be before they’re playing in Toronto.

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