Teoscar Hernandez with the Blue Jays

In just his first game with the Blue Jays, Teoscar Hernandez displayed the skills that make him one of the most MLB ready prospects in the entire organization.

When you think of mainstays at certain positions in Blue Jays history, you think Carlos Delgado at 1st base or Vernon Wells in centerfield.

The Blue Jays haven’t had the luxury of having a player like Derek Jeter or Tony Gwynn spend their entire 20-year career at the same position with one franchise.  Those kind of players who are both great and stick with just one team are incredibly rare, especially so much more so these days, with loyalty between players and teams maybe not being quite what it was in the past.

Toronto may not have had an all-star caliber player spend their entire career with the club, but they’ve still had some pretty good runs with certain players.  One of which has been over the past 8 years with Jose Bautista holding things down in right field.  Since 2010, right field more so than any other position has been the one Toronto need worry about the least.  With a perennial all-star and 2-time home run champion in Bautista playing right field, it allowed Toronto to focus on other pressing needs when it came to particular positions to fill.

Since his breakout season back in 2010, Bautista has been a player the Blue Jays have been able to build around.  And in 2015 and 2016, they finally managed to build a contender around their long-time franchise player.

One of the hardest things about seeing Roberto Alomar leave Toronto at the conclusion of the 1995 season, didn’t start to take full-effect until the next year when it was clear the Blue Jays had no suitable replacement for him at 2nd base.  Luckily for the Blue Jays, they’ve set themselves up pretty well with the acquisition of Teoscar Hernandez, that he should hopefully carry on the stellar play the Blue Jays have grown accustomed to getting from right field.

Although Hernandez just made his Blue Jays debut on Friday against the Orioles, he displayed the multitude of skills that make him such a well-rounded player and highly touted prospect.  With an aging team, Toronto will be needing a whole slew of young players to slide in and fill the void left by their soon to be departing veterans, and it’s nice to see them getting off to a good start in that regard with what’s happening in right field.

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