Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce

A lot of people out there have been questioning why the Blue Jays traded Steve Pearce…a player capable of winning the World Series MVP.  Knowing what they do now, if Toronto had to do it all over again, would they trade Pearce?  You’re damn right they would!

For a team like Toronto, with no chance whatsoever of making the post-season, moving Pearce was a no-brainer.  What were they supposed to do, hold onto a pending free agent in his mid-30’s as they headed into a rebuilding year.

Had Boston known just how much Pearce would end-up contributing to their championship run, would they have agreed to part with more in an effort to acquire him?  Certainly they would have.  But lets remember, at the time of the trade, Pearce was and still is a 35-year old utility player with little speed and an above average bat.

Trading away their older/experienced assets in exchange for youth was the Blue Jays game plan this season.  Some fans and media in Boston are calling the acquisition of Pearce the trade of the year.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration, as we have no idea how the trades that included young talent will pan out for years yet.  Although I would go so far as to say this transaction was definitely the ‘feel good trade of the year’.

A 12-year journeyman player was able to live-out his dream, win a World Series, and become an iconic figure in Red Sox history.  Had the Blue Jays not moved him, none of those incredible things would have taken place.  It’s a win-win for everyone.  The Blue Jays got younger…the Red Sox bolstered an already strong roster…and an aging veteran got the chance of a lifetime to play and excel in the fall classic.

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