It was bound to happen sooner or later, that is to say Troy Tulowitzki signing with another ball club.  And yesterday he signed a 1-year deal for $555 K (league minimum) with the New York Yankees.

With Didi Gregorius recovering from off-season Tommy John surgery, Tulowitzki will likely start for the Yankees at shortstop for the time being.  Upon Gregorius’ return, Tulowitzki will become a utility infielder of sorts, playing wherever the Yankees need him in their infield.  It’s funny that Tulowitzki would be ok with such a role considering that just last August he said I’m a shortstop. If someone’s better than me, I’ll pack my bags and go home.

Why is it that Tulowitzki would be fine with the idea of being a utility infielder on another team, but on the Blue Jays he would have fought tooth and nail to remain at shortstop?

The answer to that is Tulowitzki simply wanted out of Toronto and his refusal to play another position was his way of earning a one-way ticket out of town.  Shame on the Blue Jays for bending to such selfish demands.  Toronto, much like New York, could have benefited from Tulowitzki’s services.  The difference between the Blue Jays and Yankees is that New York is a contender.  And the prospect of being on a rebuilding squad like the Blue Jays wasn’t something Tulowitzki wanted to be a part of during his final few years in the league.

If Tulowitzki wanted out of Toronto that badly, why agree to pay him the remaining $38-million on his contract?  The Blue Jays held all the cards.  It was Tulowitzki who wanted out…Toronto didn’t necessarily need him gone.  At least not bad enough to pay him such a huge sum of money.

What happened here was Toronto’s front office was played by Tulowitzki and capitulated to his demands far too easily.  Now Tulowitzki is playing for Toronto’s main rival, while the Blue Jays pay him an amount 68 times higher than what the Yankees are paying.

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