Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

As a huge fan of Mike Trout, it’s always such a treat to watch him play whenever the Blue Jays face-off against his Angels.  When Toronto plays in Anaheim tonight, the game will be that much more special on account of the Blue Jays having a generational type player of their own.  One Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

For years now I’ve been somewhat envious of the Angels because they were lucky enough to have Trout.  Not just the supreme player in the game, but when it’s all said and done, and Trout’s career winds down many years from now, quite possibly the best player ever.  That envy I had for the Angels is all but gone now, and been replaced with euphoria for a 3-game series that includes the two most exciting players to come around in a long time.

A few years back when Josh Donaldson was on top of his game, there were always comparisons between him and Trout whenever Toronto faced Anaheim.  Those comparisons didn’t last all that long however as Donaldson’s injury woes began to take their toll, and Mr. Consistency (aka Mike Trout) kept racking-up one monster year after another.

Even though Guerrero is still just 20-years old and has yet to really prove himself in the big leagues, there is no bigger and better billing of two players than Guerrero vs Trout.  With Trout being the King, and Guerrero tabbed as the best young talent with the potential of possibly even surpassing Trout’s proficiency at the plate someday.

I should clarify, this whole Guerrero vs Trout notion should be more like Guerrero AND Trout.  This article is by no means designed to create a competition between these two incredible ball players, but more just a fun way to enjoy and celebrate the exceptional quality of their skills on a ball field when playing against each other.

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