Gregg Zaun on Blue Jays Central.

Gregg Zaun’s opinion on Blue Jays Central may at times be a little heavy-handed, but it doesn’t mean that he’s wrong or that the players should be trying to get him fired because of it.

Marcus Stroman recently came out saying that he can’t wait for the Blue Jays to have a home broadcast that defends home players.  This comment was directed at Sportnet’s Gregg Zaun, who over the years has developed a reputation as someone who doesn’t hesitate to criticize players for how they go about playing the game.

The problem is, the Blue Jays broadcast already has two of the biggest homer’s going in Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler.  Even though Toronto had an embarrassingly bad season in 2017, Martinez and Tabler still only focused on the positives and spoke very highly of Toronto’s players till the very end of the regular season.  As fans of this team, you to ask yourself, what kind of broadcast team do you want to listen to…one that has nothing but good things to say about the Blue Jays regardless of how poorly they’re playing…or one that’s honest and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Back in 2013, then Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia complained that Zaun shouldn’t talk so negatively about his play on national television.  This was a surprising response from Arencibia because everything Zaun had to say about him was spot-on and needed to be said.  When you work in the media, especially in the case of Zaun, your job shouldn’t be to always cater to the players (although that often happens), it’s to paint as accurate a picture of what’s happening with this team as possible.  That being said, does Gregg Zaun sometimes come down too hard on the players…sure he does.  But it doesn’t mean we want to have someone in his place who sugarcoats every little thing simply to appease the players and those fans that can’t abide any sort of negative commentary about their beloved Blue Jays.

Stroman is one of the most important players on the Blue Jays…he’s also very opinionated (much like Zaun) and will often rub people the wrong way because of it.  If Stroman wants Zaun out as Sportsnet’s on-air baseball analyst, the person they bring in to replace him will likely be opinionated also, all be it a dialed-down version of Zaun.

Sportsnet would be dead wrong to think the players are the ones to listen to when it comes to this sort of thing.  Having someone tasked with the job of offering entertaining baseball banter while at the same time saying nothing bad about the players is next to impossible…it’s also a backwards way of analyzing a team’s performance.

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