Sam Gaviglio

Sam Gaviglio

It’s still a few weeks off yet (at least), but when Marcus Stroman makes his return to the starting rotation, the Blue Jays will be faced with an important decision.  And that is, which starting pitcher to remove from the rotation to make way for Stroman?

During Stroman’s absence, Sam Gaviglio has pitched more than well enough (28.2 IP 2.51 ERA) to remain with the Blue Jays.  Gaviglio has been a rare bright light in a rotation that’s struggled for most of the season.  He’s pitched so well in fact that an argument should be made that he deserves to stay in the rotation more so than either Marco Estrada or Jaime Garcia.

Sadly, Estrada hasn’t been that dominant pitcher with baseball’s best change-up since 2016.  While Garcia struggles to throw strikes with his nibbling-at-the-corners approach that just isn’t cutting it.  For the past two seasons the Blue Jays have been searching for a starting pitcher worthy enough to be added to the rotation, and now that it finally appears as if they may have found said pitcher in Gaviglio, they better not dare send him back to the minors.  Especially when so many other Blue Jay starters are pitching far worse than he is.

When it comes to the decision of who they end up removing from the rotation, it shouldn’t matter one bit that Estrada and Garcia are getting paid big-time money.  Neither of them, unless by some miracle transformation will be a part of the future of this ball club.  Toronto’s starting rotation has enough problems as it is, which is why when they get Stroman back, the best thing to do would be to move either Estrada or Garcia to the bullpen and continue starting Gaviglio.  After that, see how things play out. Hopefully Gaviglio continues to hold his own and then try to trade both Estrada and Garcia for prospects who could possibly help Toronto in the future.

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