Down 8-4 to the Braves in yesterday’s ball game, Jose Bautista realized almost immediately that his decision to flip his bat was wrong.

Prior to yesterday’s game against Atlanta, I didn’t think this 4-game home and home series couldn’t have got any worse for the Blue Jays after those first two games in Toronto.  Well, unfortunately things did get worse for the Blue Jays in game 3 of the series yesterday, as they not only continued with their sloppy play, but Aaron Loup also allowed yet another pitch to get away from him, this time hitting Atlanta’s marquee player, Freddie Freeman, square on the wrist.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet what the extent of Freeman’s injury is, but it’s highly probable he broke his wrist and will now be missing a significant amount time.  Previously to Freeman being hit on the wrist, Atlanta had been very good about being hit six times by Toronto pitchers throughout the first two games of the series.  It wasn’t until Loup hit Freeman that Atlanta finally took exception to being hit so often that they finally responded by going ahead and plunking Devon Travis.

We now find ourselves with one game to play in the series, and as things stand, Atlanta will probably be losing their best player for who knows how long.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Loup smoked the wrist of Atlanta’s best player, there was also all that other crap Toronto pulled yesterday with Jose Bautista‘s ridiculous bat flip on a meaningless home run, and Kevin Pillar uttering a homophobic slur at Braves reliever Jason Motte for being quick pitched.

Over the first three games of this series, Atlanta couldn’t have behaved more professionally, despite so many of their players being hit by errant Toronto pitches.  I understand Toronto likes to play with an edge, and it’s part of what makes them as competitive as they are, but tonight in the series finale they better be on their best behaviour and play a respectful game.  Only then can they hope Atlanta doesn’t seek revenge for how they’ve been slighted throughout this series.  I pray tonight can be a clean and well played ball game, but my instincts tell me it could get nasty, and if it does, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering all that’s happened in the previous three games of the series.

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