Writing Team

Mike Weiler – Mike began ‘Everything Bluebirds’ as a hobby back in May 2016 and over the past year it’s steadily grown into, well, a slightly bigger hobby.  Having grown up playing the game, Mike likes to think he knows a lot about baseball…that being said, he always welcomes a friendly discussion when it comes to this great game.  The Blue Jays have always been Mike’s favourite sports team, and his all-time favourite player is 7-time gold glove winner Devon White.


Derek Decloux – Derek is a man of the world (or Canada at least), having lived in Ottawa, Vancouver, and currently residing in Toronto.  Growing up, he took after his father and was a big fan of the Expos, and still holds onto the dream that they’ll one day soon return to Montreal.  Derek works as a dentist, so you won’t be hearing any dentist jokes coming from him, but what you can expect when reading his work is plenty of Seinfeld references, a deep appreciation for the Blue Jays, and an inquisitive mind for how to go about improving the game of baseball.


Rui Martins – With a background in journalism, Rui brings a certain amount of credibility and experience to Everything Bluebirds.  Much of his previous sports writing work has to do with the English Premiere League, specifically Newcastle United.  Other than Blue Jays baseball, Rui is most passionate about Game of Thrones, European films, and Rachel McAdams.


*Photo credit – The main image on the homepage is courtesy of Randy Hoffmann.